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Saving Money With Huncilman


Utilization of Visual Enterprise Manufacturing Software allows Bert R. Huncilman & Son the ability to track in-process work orders and provide on-time products to our customers.  Our production process has been transformed into a system of teamwork with the technological backbone of Visual Manufacturing.


From Fitment, to Surface, to Shipment, our Fabrication and E-Coat services are always processed with the utmost quality in mind. We have stood by our Quality for over 100 years and are committed to a future of continuous improvement. We are ISO9000 certified.

Cost Advantage

Full service Sheet Metal Fabrication is our business, therefore we have designed our manufacturing process to encompass laser cutting, press brake forming, welding, and E-Coat painting to produce fully finished products and eliminating the need for outsourcing.  Our services are designed to reduce your bottom line and keep your up-time to a maximum by improving your logistics, diminishing the struggles of outsourcing, thereby giving you the confidence in choosing a Fabricator that can provide product ready for end use.


A century of family owned operation has allowed Bert R. Huncilman & Son to express its experience in the Metal Fabrication Industry. Today our production team has been strategically developed to encompass experienced personnel whose expertise drives our ability to meet our customers needs.